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Our Characters-Season 2

Meet the characters of our Pathfinder 2nd edition campaign, Agents of Edgewatch

Neilock, Hobgoblin Wizard

With his uniform in impeccable condition and a steel trap when it comes to Absalom's laws, Neilock will not hesitate to uphold the law, and hand out all the citations and fines along the way. There's no talking your way out of this one when Neilock is on the case.

Ryder Tilkalde, Gnome Summoner

If his green hair and purples eyes doesn't draw your attention, his large gold dragon Esper will. A stickler for cleanliness, probably due to his sensitive nose, this former slave can be found riding atop his dragon while protecting the people of Absalom.

Savious Urlyph, Human Cleric

No, it's not a Halloween costume. Savious has only been seen on the Edgewatch covered in bandages head to toe due to injuries sustained from his past. An ex-con, he's set on turning his life around one heal at a time.

Chakkrundin, Half-Orc Druid

He may be a fish out of water being a druid in a city, but Chakkrundin is on a mission while serving on the Edgewatch. A Wild Order druid, he may be more at home in the jungles and forests, but is determined to learn the truth about what happened to his father.

Morgan Fiske, Half-Elf Witch

A child prodigy more interest in learning how things work than fighting, Morgan uses her brain to help Absalom solve some of its more difficult cases. With her wild dog familiar Ordo by her side, she's learning how to balance her love of knowledge and arcane with her new occult abilities given to her by an unknown entity. When she's not at work, she can be found organizing other people's messes, or "Morganizing".

Copper Ingot, Halfing Monk

A family man, Copper has worked hard to make a new life for himself. An ex-con himself, he often faces challenges between fighting familiar habits and doing the right thing. Typically doing the right thing wins out, just don't make fun of his size. He's been known to have a short temper.

See what kind of trouble our crew gets into on our live streams Wednesdays at 8pm EST or catch up with our podcast episodes every Monday at 7am EST.

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