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Episodes by Type

Looking for something specific? We got you!

In addition to our Pathfinder 2nd Edition campaign, we have some fun and insightful episodes to share with you. Here's a list of our catalogue by type to help you find what you're looking for faster.

Talking Ventures, Talking Games

Our newest talk show where we discuss the campaign and what's new in TTRPGS.

Beadle and Grimm's Interview-Complete Character Chronicles- We got to speak with Beadle and Grimm's to discuss their first Kickstarter project and the role note-taking plays in TTRPGs.

Also check out our YouTube Channel for more great interviews and videos like:

Beadle and Grimm's Interview

Cavern Tavern with Meeple University

Ramen Fury at Roc 'N Ramen

Ramblings with the Runelords

Discussions about TTRPGs, P2e class dives, and more

Ramblings Episode 1- Comparison of Pathfinder 2nd edition to the playtest and 1e

Ramblings Episode 2- Character creation using your A, B, Cs (Ancestry, Background, Class)

Ramblings Episode 3- #RulesWithSteve answers your Pathfinder 2e questions!

Ramblings Episode 4- P2e Class Dive: Druid, Ranger, and Rogue

Ramblings Episode 5- #RulesWithSteve answers your Pathfinder2e questions!

Ramblings Episode 6- P2e Class Dive: Fighter, Barbarian, and Monk

Ramblings Episode 7- #RulesWithSteve answers your Pathfinder2e questions!

Ramblings Episode 8- A discussion on new classes, experience XP vs milestone XP, and rewards

Ramblings Episode 9- Today is all about archetypes and multi-classing. And eating chicken.

Ramblings Episode 10- Jared and Steve discuss tips for GMs and DMs

Ramblings Episode 11- Avoid getting stuck in stereotypes for your character; fun ways to role play

Ramblings Episode 12- Jared, Steve, and Tina dive into the use of violence in ttrpgs

Ramblings Episode 13- A look at Pathfinder Society, what it is, and why you should play

Ramblings Episode 14-P2e Class Dive: Witch

Ramblings Episode 15- P2e Class Dive: Investigator

Ramblings Episode 16- An interview with Battlesauce creator Michael Startzman about his game.


Stand-alone stories

Halloween 2019- Steve jumps in the GM chair with Tina, Trevor, Jeff, and Zack for a Fate Core game.

Retail Cannibals- It's Tina's turn to GM in this Black Friday themed one-shot using a Honey Heist base

Playtest Character Creation- A first look at the Witch, Oracle, Swashbuckler, and Investigator for P2e

Origin of the Open Road- Steve GMs a one-shot using the new playtest characters for P2e (above)

Love Bites- Zach jumps in the GM chair for this 1920s Valentine's themed Call of Cthulhu one-shot.

Honey Queens- GM Tina is back with some friends of NVNG for a Honey Heist one-shot

Star-Crossed Voyages, Part 1- Steve is back as GM for this next Pathfinder Society one-shot

Star-Crossed Voyages, Part 2- An adventure so big, we couldn't fit it into one episode!

Guns and Gears- A Pathfinder 2e playtest one-shot with the Inventory and Gunslinger classes.

Power Up!

Discussions on different ways to buff your character and power up!

NVNG Patrons get early access to these episodes

Episode 1: The Aid Action- Tips on how to help your party, best feats, skills, and tips for role play

Episode 2: Smash and Dash- Tips on optimizing your character for damage and speed

Episode 3: Support vs Control- Tips on using your spell casters to buff your party, or debuff the enemy

You can also find these episodes on our YouTube channel:

Episode 1: The Aid Action

Episode 2: Smash and Dash

Episode 3: Support vs Control

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