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Our Characters- Runelords

Meet the characters of our Pathfinder 2nd edition campaign for season 1 of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gamed.


Artwork by: @jhnnymustdie on Twitter

Bennanjerry Gelato- Gnome Sorcerer

Coming soon...

Aratare' Cursewind- Human Ranger

Aratare Cursewind, son of Mariya and Udevick, was raised as part of the Arcanist, a group of traveling scholars along with the Cursewind tribe, a clan of blue orcs who were shunned from their tribes. While he doesn't have an affinity for magic, he was blessed with a keen eye and blue runes throughout his body. Once of age, Aratare left his home and explored the world, hunted, and earned coin, recording his findings along the way. With his animal companion Rage at his side and in the skies, Aratare set off until he came to the town of Sandpoint.

Balen Damarion- Human Barbarian

Balen is a tall hulking looking brute, with a hand-and-a-half sword on his belt, and a great mighty pick on his back. He has noticeable animalistic scars, as though he was in a mighty battle with some wild creature, and noticeable bracers made of black bear hide. When he speaks, he speaks bluntly, and directly, but isn't a mindless dullard, and is more intelligent than his appearance leads you to believe. Uncharacteristically nimble, and noticeably tough, he moves toward danger, where others may flee from the very same, willing to take damage meant for others.

Aratar et Truion- Elven Rogue

Aratar et Turion (exalted one of the palace) was born to Cuthalion (strongbow) and Ectele (fountain). He was born hundreds of years after his siblings, brother Elatan (star-man), gifted in magical arts and sister Laurelindorinan (valley of singing gold), wise cleric of solonor thelandria. When the elven villages were constantly under attack they all felt they needed to hide Aratar. They were forced underground to hide for a few decades. Cuthalion found a safe route above ground. Cuthalion and Ectele grown tired of this realm decided to sail off for peaceful havens. They sent Aratar to Cuthalions old adventuring friend Glorfindel in sandspoint where he learned the tricks of the trade.

Bishop- Aasimar Cleric

Donning the loudest chainmail, a sharp scimitar, and a sturdy shield, this grumpy old man holds a grudge against all demons and those who worship evil. Bishop has seen many wars on both the earthly realm and the celestial realm on the front lines as a general in Iomedae’s army. After he was cast off from Iomedae’s favor, his life was saved by a roaming priestess of Sarenrae and he has since devoted himself to the teachings of the Everburning Flame. He may seem hard on the outside, but deep down he truly enjoys the memories he’s made with his companions as they have traveled.

Kayco Li'ef- Gnome Druid

Used to traveling on her own or, in her earlier days with her mother, Kayco finds herself learning to work with a group while on her own quest for answers. The only Storm Order druid she knows of, she's been in search for answers as to who she is and what she's supposed to do with her power. Along the way she made friends with fellow gnome Benji, and soon grew to be a part of this new family of adventurers. With her noticeable green hair pulled up in a ponytail, brown and green leathers, and her new crystaline staff, she's gone through a few changes since her journey began. And quite a few snacks as well.

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