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Meet the Cast

Meet the people behind NVNG



Game Master/Founder/Host

With great power comes a great show! 




Steve has 25+ years of experience with games ranging from 2nd AD&D, 3rd & 3.5 DnD, Pathfinder 1st, & 2nd edition, Magic the Gathering, and a multitude of video and board games.  He is versed in the rules of various games, with the ability to quickly remember, or search for a particular rule to reduce downtime in games. Steve is also currently the Sound Engineer of the NVNG podcast/stream/videos and plays Neilock the wizard in our Pathfinder 2nd edition campaign.



Community Manager/Cast

Tina's only been playing TTRPGs for about two years now, basically when she started playing with this crew, but she took to it very quickly. She enjoys playing video games like the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, and God of War along with board games and card games, especially the classics like Monopoly and Michigan Rummy. A fan of story, she enjoys playing our half-elf witch Morgan in the Pathfinder 2nd edition campaign. With her background in marketing, she also oversees the channel's social media and marketing efforts.



Foreign Correspondent/Cast

Trevor is a child of the 80's, though he looks like he gets ID'd for lotto tickets. The token gay of the NVNG crew, yes boys, he's single. He started online gaming on MUSH's in the 90's. He's been playing Pathfinder for about eight years. Avid movie fan, he loves all genres of film. His favorite X-man is Jean Gray's Phoenix. Trevor plays Ryder the summoner in our current Pathfinder 2nd edition campaign.




Fabio is an EX-Power Gamer/Min-Maxer, who has 20+ years of experience in RPGs, MMOs, and TTRPG.  He has changed his ways of just wanting to WIN, with having fun with friends and enjoying role playing. He enjoys games like The Witcher, D&D 5e, and WoW. Fabio Co hosts the POWER UP episodes with Steve, and Jared. In addition Fabio assists with story boarding and prizes the role of Savious the cleric on our Pathfinder 2nd Edition campaign.




Zack's gaming experience consisted mostly of Call of Duty, MMOs like Warcraft, and RPGs like Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls. Once in college, that's when he was introduced to TTRPGs. There he played different games, mostly homebrew, and learned to develop his own game. He joined NVNG after walking into a comic book store one night and the rest is history. He plays Copper the monk in our Pathfinder2e campaign.



Resident Rogue/Cast

Jeff has been playing TTRPGs on and off since the 80's, mostly AD&D 2nd edition, some early edition Cyberpunk, a few forays into Top Secret, and numerous "made up" games. He got back involved with D&D 5e and Pathfinder 1st and 2nd editions and enjoys board games and card games. Hell, he just likes to play. He loves talking about epic adventures with anyone who will listen and hopes to make even more. Jeff currently plays Chakkrundin, our half-orc druid in our Pathfinder 2e campaign.

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